Police Department


The Higginsville Police Department has nine full-time police officers, six reserve officers and one animal control officer. The non-emergency number for the Higginsville Police Departmentis 660-584-2104.


Emergency Preparedness


Higginsville is continuously branching out in several aspects to make our city more prepared in case of an emergency. Since October 2007, Higginsville has become the first in Region A to prepare in this way. The emergency medical service has begun to make this growing community a well prepared place if disaster strikes. Various organizations have applied and implemented several new life-saving measures to help provide citizens of Higginsville and the surrounding area with the resources they need in order to survive a devastating disaster. The Higginsville Ambulance "Special Operations" trailer, consists of necessary supplies and tracking documentation in the event of an emergency. Higginsville is also the depository for another preparedness trailer that is located at our local Emergency Medical Services building on 19th Street. This second trailer is the Mass Casualty Response trailer for Region A in Missouri. Also during major disasters, power outages, and severe weather, amateur radio communicators, known as HAM radio operators, have started providing emergency communication for the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Department of Homeland Security, and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. HAM radio will help prepare communications in a faster approach than the old fashioned calling tree. Our community is in great hands if disaster ever strikes with our ever-growing networking community, and resources from around the state, we are prepared. 


Emergency Services



The Higginsville Ambulance Service responds to emergencies 24 hours a day. Staff are licensed by the State of Missouri and take refresher classes on the latest emergency care procedures on a regular basis. Our community is served by E911 (emergency telephone system). The emergency medical staff offer public classes on CPR and first aid training, EMT training, fire fighting (Fire Fighter One), ACLB (Advance Cardiac Life Support), and CEU for EMT’s and paramedics. The non-emergency numberf or the Higginsville Ambulance is 660-584-3832.


Fire and Rescue


The Higginsville Fire and Rescue is an all volunteer department funded by the City of Higginsville and the Higginsville Rural Fire Association. The non-emergency number for the Higginsville Fire and Rescue is 660-584-3832.