The Higginsville Ministerial Fellowship is an organization of community pastors who voluntarily meet together to nurture positive relationships among area churches, to promote community worship services and develop personal friendships among the pastors. This organization administers the Higginsville Heat & Hunger Fund, seeks to provide assistance in crisis situations and provides help to travelers in need.


Churches of Higginsville offer nurturing comfort to enhance your spiritual well being. Come worship with us. Let us be your church family and welcome you into our community.Join in the celebration of religion at the church of your choice.


Higginsville Ministerial Fellowship


The Higginsville Ministerial Fellowship is an organization of our community's pastors. We meet monthly with a goal to nurture positive relationships within area churches and friendships among pastors. Our organization administers the Higginsville Heat & Hunger Fund, helps in crisis situations and provides assistance to travelers with problems.


We Welcome Participation from Any and all Pastors

Assembly of God


First Assembly of God • 1050 West 19th Street

660-584-2225 • Rev. Dan Mahurin




Faith Baptist • 7430 South Highway 13

660-584-3371 • Pastor Jeremy Herbert


First Baptist • 1907 Peach

660-584-7165 • Dr. Gregory Fine


St. Paul Missionary Baptist • 110 West 19th Street

660-584-2486 • Rev. Leroy Gilmore, Sr. Pastor




St. Mary’s Catholic • 401 West Broadway

660-584-3038 • Father Tom Hawkins




Central Christian Church (D.O.C.) • 16 West 20th Street





Immanuel Lutheran Church • 1501 Lipper Avenue





Grace United Methodist Church • 16 W. 15th Street

660-584-2211 • Terry Cook, Pastor


United Church of Christ

Salem United Church of Christ • 1500 N. Main Street

660-584-3603 • Dr. Tommy Faris, Pastor






Christian Ministries • 111 Edgewood Drive

660-584-6289 • Rev. Dale Felder


New Family Life Christian Center • 409 W. 19th Street

660-584-6131 • Elder Wilbur L. Conway, Pastor


Truman Road Church of Christ • 1061 Truman Road

660-584-3348 • Evangelist David Long




First Presbyterian Church • 111 Fairground Avenue